Ronny Faber Dahl

This cold heat folding in on myself, with Simona Barbera, 2022, K4 Gallery, Oslo, Norway.

Shader on screen, sublimation on polyester canvas and elastane, sound and steel installation.

Where a gleam reaches the ground, on a flickering surface, a strip of sand is extending.

Orange in magenta sky.

The rough clarity of lunar dust swept by sulfur. In the lushness of gold, these steel and concrete streets stir and disperse in its autonomous waves, signals and systems of matter in vast accumulations. Crystal cables tuning in on a distant hush, aside, as dispersed networks connecting, fading, renewing, recover and uncover, cooling down to a wavelength longer than fences, unshadowed by sunken copper. Residual sources turn back into endless islands of cooler fade well into the cold blue.

That feeling underneath the center looking in.

This cold heat folding in on myself.

The exhibition brings together works by Simona Barbera and Ronny Faber Dahl, consisting of a sound and video installation that blends colour and light shaders with sound frequencies, voiceovers, spectral harmonics, and a fabric print embedded in two metal structures.

From the tropical, self-contained gothic streets of Palermo to the scorching heat of dark sands and bioluminescent green-purple aquatic organisms, the exhibition develops from a generative visual shader that combines colour frequencies with graphic vectors immersed by spatial sound. Strings of visual code unfold in dense sonic textures, where personal tactile reflections on the city and its surroundings fluctuate between heat and cooling.

Recorded in part in Sicily, the work includes a spoken word by skater Gabriele MuleĀ“ aka Paturnia, whom Simona and Ronny met in Alcamo during a residency at Posto Segreto in the summer of 2022.